Band Members

Ginger Thompson

Lead Vocals

 The Ginger Thompson Band has enjoyed playing in and around the Raleigh area for many years. With a heart & soul of Motown/R&B, we also play a variety of music to fit our audiences. Sometimes it's a little more country or beach; sometimes a little more rock & pop. In my earlier years I spent some time recording not only locally, but with Capricorn Records and Chess Records. Most recently I performed at the 2018 Beach Music Award Show in Myrtle Beach, SC. My love of music began early in life and continues still today. When it comes to the music, I've always considered the band to be half of the music. The other half is my audience. This connection is what makes it all so much fun! I'm so thankful for my wonderful journey through music.

Kim Clarke

Vocals & Social Media

Kim has more than 30 years experience as a private voice and piano teacher and also enjoys a career as a public school elementary educator/administrator. She has ten years of previous band and studio recording experience as lead vocalist and saxophonist for the Overtime Band from Southside Virginia. She has opened for famous artists including Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs, Clarence Carter, and Marie Osmond. Kim performed at the NC State Capitol and Governor's Mansion. Most recently, she performed with The Embers at the 2018 Beach Music Award Show in Myrtle Beach, SC. She says her God-given gifts of music are a part of her soul!

Jim Slaughter

Lead Guitar

Born in Durham, NC, Jim started listening to Soul Music before the age of ten. He started playing piano, bassoon, drums, and guitar by the age of fifteen, but decided to concentrate on the guitar. Jim has played in Rock-n-Roll, Blues, Country, Beach, and R&B Bands over the years. He has written and produced songs including "Subject to Love". He loves and lives all things music

Eddie Strickland


Eddy began playing piano in his early teenage years, learning much from his aunt and his sister. He joined his first band in the late 60’s. The British Invasion, and especially the Beatles, were among his early influences. His journey though music has included a wide variety of genres. He has enjoyed playing Beach Music, Motown/Soul, Country, Rock & Jazz. He has also played in various church bands, gospel groups, and choirs. He is currently playing keyboards with the Ginger Thompson Band from Raleigh, NC. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends, hanging out at the beach, and the pool, listening to music.

JT - John Thomas

Bass Guitar

JT grew up in Raleigh in a musical family, and began learning guitar at the age of eight. He formed his first band during high school, and while in college, JT began teaching himself the bass and began playing in cover bands around Raleigh. Since that time JT has played hundreds of shows around the area. From the Berkeley Cafe to the long-gone Scramble Dog, the Switch and Southland Ballroom, from the Lincoln Theater to Fat Daddy's, JT has enjoyed rocking the stage and had the opportunity to play with some really talented bands and musicians. JT has always loved early Rock-n-Roll, Blues, R&B, Country, and Jazz, and finds his musical tastes shaped by the sounds coming from his first AM radio back in the 70's. JT is a member of the Crossroads Fellowship Worship Team, and is featured on the 2014 "All Things New" CD. He can be found playing electric guitar and bass on Sunday mornings at the Crossroads Millbrook Campus.

Tracy Sparks 


I was born in Winston Salam, NC but shortly thereafter; my parents moved to Cary, NC so that feels more like home to me. I started to play drums at an early age but was a teenager when I really started to get things going and playing with organized bands. In the mid 80’s I started playing with Buddy Skipper & The Jetty Jumpers and enjoyed playing with them until the mid to late 90’s when I joined the Mardi Gras Band. From there I played with many local bands and venues including The Vault Band from early 2000 to 2011. I enjoy being with my family, making music with my friends, spoiling my pets, and playing billiards with friends and my Father.

Mark Parker

Web and Social Media

Mark was born in Murfreesboro, NC into a very musical family. While in school Mark performed in many band performances playing the trumpet. He enjoyed the theater and acted in many local productions at the Gallery Theater in Ahoskie, NC, and Ridgecroft High School where he graduated. His love of theater moved into the production aspect directing the lights and sound for many of the events. Of the many part time jobs he held, being a Disc Jockey at the local radio station was one of the best and most entertaining. He enjoys all things technical, and solving complex computer related issues.

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